Technology's Answer to Maritime Piracy

The Brief

“Would you like to go to the Chesapeake Bay and film this new bit of technology being tested? It’ll be really easy, you can just stand on the dock and point the camera at the roof of the boat…”

Our Response

Needless to say, once we got to Solomons, Maryland, things turned out to be a little more complex than had been suggested! The WatchStander automated anti-piracy system combines a software brain with a pan-tilt unit fitted with varying non-lethal countermeasures. The product demo involved the ‘test’ boat, fitted with the WatchStander prototype, being approached at varying (slow) speeds by three ‘attack’ boats. We filmed for two days, from both the test and attack POV and from a camera boat, using a mix of Sony EX3s, Canon 5Ds, GoPros and a webcam which was mounted on the WatchStander unit. The real challenge was in the edit, where we had to explain the system’s benefits and build an exciting demo sequence from the multiple footage sources, as well as creating graphics to sit on top of the radar screen-captures to ensure that whatever level of nautical knowledge the viewer had, the film would make sense to them.

The Results

“AWESOME! I LOVE IT! It’s a winner. It’s been VERY helpful in briefing our targets at the ‘Combating Piracy’ conference, and will be a key marketing tool going forward”