Tyrespot Autocentre
TV commercial

The Brief

We were asked to conceptualise and deliver the first Tyrespot Autocentre TV commercial, along with supporting online ads. Tyrespot Autocentre had never utilised video in the past and gave us creative freedom based around two aims: bring customers into depots [TV] and make them laugh whilst delivering serious/dry safety information [web].

Our Response

We pitched the ‘Tyrespot family,’ a cast of characters which we could introduce across both platforms and use to tell humorous/engaging stories in a manner similar to the Tesco or BT Vision campaigns. We used the TV ad to sell a featured offer, and the online ads were used to expand on the characters and their extended family. The online ads also gave us a platform to use some humour which would be tricky to use in the context of a TV ad, but which reflected the direction that Tyrespot wanted to take their advertising.

The Results

Tyrespot reported an immediate increase in footfall, and specifically customers mentioning the TV ad as a reason for their visit. They plan to roll out the web ads over the summer but have expressed delight with the finished products, reported positive industry feedback, and indicated their desire to enter them for motor industry awards.