Youtube Pre-Roll

The Brief

The brief from tombola was to create a humorous and engaging animated YouTube pre-roll ad that advertised their free Christmas Advent Calendar game. tombola had not advertised on YouTube previously, so with advice from Google we would need to come up with a concept that would grab viewer attention and prevent them clicking the skip button after watching for 5 seconds.

Our Response

We researched the Advent Calendar game, and noticed that one of the collectable symbols stood out- the gingerbread man. He looked quite cute and funny, so we brainstormed concepts around him as our main character. We were aware that viewers of pre-roll ads are naturally sceptical and impatient, so we moulded the gingerbread character on these aspects. He would represent the viewer- at first sceptical, disbelieving but comes round to seeing that this free game is actually worth playing. We designed a 3D version of the character for tombola to review and storyboarded our concept. The client loved the idea, so we began animating. Over the production process we were careful to make sure we struck the right balance over getting in all of the sales messages, whilst keeping the viewer engaged and the content funny.

The Results

The campaign saw a surge in new members. *Awaiting final numbers.*