Training Video

The Brief

ThinkSAFE is developed by Newcastle University, in partnership with NHS Staff and Patients. Research has shown that by encouraging patients and their families to work together with hospital staff, safety can be improved during the patient’s stay in hospital. ThinkSAFE had a requirement for a professional video which would demonstrate the key pieces of information and advice on the subject, to be shown on their website and also shown at the patient’s bedside and would cover:
1- How patients can make changes to their behaviour to improve safety.
2-suggested actions that patients can take.
3-possible barriers to involving patients in improving their safety.

Our Response

We planned and discussed the project at length with the client. We attended a seminar with the ThinkSAFE team which included representatives from each North East NHS regional trust to get their input on the project. The project required multiple acted out scenes, with multiple characters and some long dialogue scenes. We knew we needed to bring in experienced and talented actors to pull of the scenes and maintain the natural feel we all wanted.  We also managed to secure a real hospital location, which also helped give a more naturalistic and genuine feel.

The Results

The final video was very well received by the client and met with their high expectations. The ThinkSAFE project ended in February 2016 and was been a great success, and ThinkSAFE is being accessed nationally.