The People’s Kitchen
Promotional Video

The Brief

Develop a corporate video which will tell the story of The People’s Kitchen – focused on the modern day but with a nod to its history. The video is the next step in modernisation of The People’s Kitchen communications and PR, following on from a new website and introduction to social media. The video must tell the story, and be modern, engaging, professional and visually-interesting.

Our Response

It’s The People’s Kitchen, and the people are the key.

Driven by interviews with key people in-situ, doing what they’d normally be doing whilst volunteering, but also discussing the features and benefits of the service. Whether they’re in the kitchen cooking food, collecting donations at a supermarket, or out in the city handing out warm clothes, our cameras will be with them, seeing the impact that The People’s Kitchen makes.

The video will feature the real volunteers behind The People’s Kitchen, demonstrating their care, hard-work and dedication, but also, vitally, seeing the end results – the warmth, friendship and support for the homeless and vulnerable people whom the People’s Kitchen cater for.

This is not a sterile corporate video. This video taps into the real heart and soul of The People’s Kitchen.

The Results

The planned duration of the video was 2 minutes. The first cut was 6 minutes! We captured some great footage and it was very difficult to get the finished film down the 2 minutes. The video has a real heart, and a nice flowing narrative that we were very pleased with. The client was very pleased with the final output and have started using the video on their website and on social media.