Remote Network Optimisation

The Brief

Rymote is a new remote network optimisation service. As part of their launch they wanted to create an animation that detailed their new service in a fun and engaging way. The client had a very specific style direction in mind, based on the target audience of IT professionals aged 40+. They wanted to create a 3D animation that looked like a retro computer game, and took other style cues from the ’80s. We loved the brief immediately! We pitched against some other companies, both video production and traditional animation companies. Rymote did due diligence, looking into our history, and speaking to our past clients. The results of their research, when coupled with our proposal which included style-sheets and a storyboard created by our in-house 3D artist, we won the contract.

Our Response

As mentioned previously, we’d created style-sheets and a storyboard that mapped out the visual direction of the film. We worked with the guys at Starticulate to create the VO script, and also began researching and planning the all important sound design of a film that was effectively a homage to retro video games. Our designs were based around the top-down appearance of 3D strategy games. Characters were designed as blocky, to match early 3D games, and the Rymote brand was designed into the environment. Other tech, games, IT and film references are built into the animation, but we’ll leave those for you to spot. The message that needed to be conveyed only became stronger through the video game theme, as the idea of remote network optimisation really suited the theme of Rymote-branded sprites flying through the cable to sort out your system.

The Results

The video was unveiled at the big launch event held at the new Rymote offices in Sunderland. Audience response on the night was universally positive. The client loved the video as it reflected their business perfectly, and appealed to their target market exactly as they had hoped.

Detail and an attentive ear mean YourFilm set and exceed expectations consistently. We were delighted with their work and will definitely be using them again.