Red Hot Sunglasses
'Ultimate Badass' Ray-Ban Promo

The Brief

Red Hot Sunglasses is a very fast growing online retailer, specialising in selling the top brands in eyewear. As with most online retailers, Red Hot Sunglasses allocate lots of their marketing budgets to SEO. Their SEO specialist of choice is North East based Mediaworks,who as part of their current campaign created a cool piece of artwork for an emailer to promote their Ray-Ban range. The artwork was called ‘The Ultimate Badass Sunglasses 1969-2013’. It featured illustrations of famous movie characters donning different iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses. Our brief was simply to take this a step further, and bring it to life in a motion graphics video project.

Our Response

We loved the look of the illustrations, but we needed to bring them to life for the moving image version. We decided to use a 2.5D approach, whereby different layers were set on varying parts of the Z-axis from foreground to background, then having a simple camera movement which utilised the parallax and gave flat images a 3D feel. After choosing the movie stills we wanted and illustrating them accordingly, we got to work in After Effects and really had fun bringing some iconic movie stills to life and visually reflecting the various decades they were set in. The theme of ‘Badass’ meant we could create a great sound design and use a fast-paced hard beat driven music track. The finished version reflected the artwork it was based on really well, but ramped up it’s impact massively.  

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the end product, as were the SEO company who got to work on utilising the video immediately. The YouTube video clocked up hundreds of organic views in it's first month, indicating an immediate viral interest.

The quality of the video exceeded our expectations and we were impressed with how YourFilm developed our brief. It has been an integral part of our online marketing.