Recite Me
Text to Speech

The Brief 

Recite Me is a software company who provide a solution that allows anyone with visual impairments, learning difficulties (including dyslexia), and people with English as a second language to access the internet from every device. They were looking for a short 2D animation that would promote and explain the benefits of their software in a fun and engaging way.

Our Response

Recite Me had some very specific ideas about what they wanted, including a very clear script and basic storyboard. The storyboard depicted a character very close to the little guy you’ll see in the video. The design of the animation was to be fairly clean and basic, to reflect the clarity that the software provides to its target customers. Our main job was to inject some personality into the character and humour into the proceedings. The character needed to bond with the viewer, and even in this very short video we think he comes across well. We created all of the assets in-house and created the compositions in After Affects.

The Results

As we proceeded through the process of rough cuts, we knew we were onto something good. Recite Me were very pleased with how engaging the animation was. All of the key benefits of the software are clearly explained to the viewers.

We asked YourFilm to produce an animated video which advertised and succinctly showcased our product, which is a new web accessibility software solution. They successfully took our ideas in the brief, turned it into a storyboard our senior management approved of, and created a video which everyone was happy with. YourFilm was professional and a pleasure to work with.