Music Discovery Made Easy

The Brief is a resource for Spotify users to share their playlists in many different ways. The success of the site led to the creation of an app which was launched in October 2013. As part of the launch wanted to create an app demo/promo video.

Our Response

Initially the client wanted to go down the route of live action, showing someone using the app. The style reference video they showed us was dry and boring. It definitely didn’t reflect We showed them the different ways of executing an app demo, including more exciting live action options, 2D animation and 3D animation. The 3D option resonated with them strongly. By using a strong music track we planned out an app demo video that would grab the viewers’ attention but still allow the app to show the viewers its features and benefits.

The Results

The first cut of the video was signed off! The Client loved it and the video was front-and-centre of the launch events.

YourFilm came highly recommended. They challenged our original brief by showing us what was achievable within our budget. We're glad they did... They delivered a great piece of work that exceeded our expectations and actually nailed it in the first cut. I'd work with them again.