Northumbria University
Student Accommodation

The Brief

Northumbria University student accomodation has the long-term aim of revitalising their website content, including interactive maps, video tours and more. In the short-term, they wanted to follow the first few days on campus for some residential students to demonstrate the variety of accommodation available, the ease that students integrate on arrival, and the international nature of the student body.

Our Response

We used questionnaires to informally interview incoming students, then shadowed three of them for a week. Using the form of a mini-documentary, we produced three films, each covering a single student as they arrived, moved in, gave their first impressions, and attempted integration into residential student life. We interviewed them on camera at the start and end of the week, with the understanding that we wouldn’t shy away from any negative comments they might care to make. To appeal to the target audience, we used motion-tracked graphics which represented the various ways in which students communicate with each other, presenting the campus as a dynamic environment.

The Results

The series has been successful in appealing to international students searching for info online, and to date, has had more than 15,000 YouTube views alone. It is also being used extensively on Facebook.

I liked YourFilm's ideas for our videos and they produced exactly what I had envisaged, with some very welcome, additional footage. Their choice of students for the films was very good; I was very happy with the finished product, particularly as this was the first time I had commissioned this type of work.