Health & Safety

The Brief

The Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Trust needed to create a site visitor induction video which focused on the heightened Health & Safety processes across their three sites. There was a real need to cover lots of areas and in great detail, effectively amalgamating an existing paper file filled with site visitor information. 

Our Response

We were very thorough in our prep work on the script and shooting plan, to ensure that even the smallest details were correct. We used a small crew to ensure minimal disruption to a working hospital and used an actor to simulate the different scenarios we needed to cover. The final edit was driven by a voiceover which explained all of the relevant details and included simple graphics, text and signage to back-up what was being said.

The Results

The client was delighted with the final result, and reported that the site visitor induction process was far quicker and much more effective. They are now planning a video relating to proper use of tools on-site.

We used YourFilm to make a health & safety video for our estates department. They did a great job were flexible in their approach and we are delighted with the final product.