NHS Nottingham City
Bowel Cancer Screening Kits

The Brief

Through our media buying parter we were invited to pitch for an NHS Nottingham City TV commercial. They were looking to create a commercial aimed at increasing general awareness of the free bowel cancer screening kits that are posted out to all 60-74 year olds in the UK. The increased awareness of the kits and their purpose led into the secondary aim, to increase the amount of screening kits that would be used and returned to the lab.

The statistic that there’s a 90% chance of successfully treating bowel cancer IF it’s detected early is a very strong message. It was a great motivator to go the extra mile with this commercial.

Our Response

There was already a preference towards animation when we were brought into pitch on the commercial. Based on the budget, timescales and the message we were happy to proceed with a 2D animation. We designed the characters and storyboards, allowing the client to see how the animation would look and feel.

Based on the older target audience we opted for a clean look, with simplified character designs and more traditional fonts for on-screen text. With client sign-off we proceeded. Although the compositions were relatively clean and simple, and the commercial was only 30 seconds, we injected lots of personality into the 2 main characters.

The Results

The project was delivered within the tight timescale. It was very well received by both the client and agency and there is a possibility that the animation could be rolled out into other regions of the UK for broadcast.

Even though the lead times were pretty short, YourFilm involved us in the pre-production of the animation, as we were keen to include the brand colour and assets of the bowel cancer screening kits to ensure the audience knew what they were. We very very happy with the final result, the message is crystal clear and early signs on the anticipated outcomes are very positive.