Mobicart & ZooZ
M-Commerce just got a whole lot easier

The Brief

Simple: tell a story which explains how the coming together of m.commerce platform Mobicart, and payment platform ZooZ provides a great new end-to-end solution for retailers.

Our Response

The kind of project we love to get our teeth into, scripting something from a fairly open brief, using stories to communicate messages. We were working to a tight timescale, and after some fairly intense pre-production, shot the film in and around Newcastle on a Monday, and delivered the final cut by Friday. In our opinion, this type of announcement film will become more common than app demo clips, as placing the product in a relatable set of circumstances will help potential customers more quickly make the connection between their needs and the product’s solution.

The Results

Mobicart & ZooZ got some great coverage of their announcement, including a feature on Techcrunch. The video received 2,000+ hits in the first couple of weeks.

Working with YourFilm has been an absolute pleasure. They produced a video which surpassed our expectations which was on time and budget. I couldn't recommend their team highly enough.