TV Commercial

The Brief

To create a 30 second TV commercial for online dating website is like a lot of other online dating sites, but with one important twist: Users can search the database using vehicle registration numbers. was designed as a way to overcome the age-old problem of how to communicate with someone you only ever see from a distance.

Our Response

It was a tricky brief, as the USP of Luvtraffic divided opinion with some commenters saying it was a step too far. We had to make sure our concept promoted the angle that the reg plate search was a good way to find someone that you’d shared a moment with and had no other way to find them.

We opted to use a animated style and aimed to show a genuine connection between two people who share a fleeting moment whilst in traffic.

The Results

The client was very happy with the commercial. It’s currently airing on Sky TV and we’re awaiting the response.

Great job thank you! The ad looks very good and gets the message across well. YourFilm will be the first to be called for production on our next ad!