The Art of Environment

The Brief

Innovus is a new brand, bringing together 4 pan-European strands of Sonae Industrial. We were asked to put together this animation, the first in a series of videos aimed at helping Innovus sales staff buy into their newly unified brand.

Our Response

The aim was to keep the film light and playful, we needed to communicate that innovus is a brand which shapes everyday environments in ways which reflect the personality and style of the designer, architect, manufacturer… We chose an American voiceover artist for the main version of the film to give it more of an international feel, which both elevated the final product, and ensured that none of the European sister companies felt any sense of diminished ownership of the film.

The Results

When the film was presented to the innovus board, they proclaimed that there was no going back! They immediately put plans in place to produce further videos, and commissioned a series of alternate language versions.

We have a great relationship with the guys at YourFilm, and The Art of Environment is the result of a shared vision and collaborative attitude.