2013 Program Documentary Series

The Brief

ignite100 is a 14 week mentorship-led accelerator program for start-ups based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. It provides startups with seed capital (up to £100,000 per team), office space, workshops, travel and mentoring. Unlike other programmes, teams can also take advantage of their extensive alumni network and a follow-on incubator programme. ignite100 and RackspaceUK wanted to document key moments of the program with a 5-part video series, with an episode being released roughly once every 3 weeks. The episodes would cover the highs of the program, acting as a promotional piece of marketing, but also document the lows of startup life- showing the teams under pressure to deliver. 

Our Response

The ignite100 staff had a particular style in mind, which was a slick, fast-paced interview driven set of films. We showed them one of previous projects that fit with this and it all clicked. A potential problem was ironed out in the planning. The amount of filming required to create 5 films could easily have gotten out of hand and out of the budget set by ignite100. We countered this by trimming down the production requirements, e.g. using a lone camera op to shoot the run & gun footage on the London trip.

The Results

The client was very pleased with the finished videos. They reported great feedback from the teams, social media and the wider software community in the region, which created a buzz around the program. Click here to see full series

It’s been a pleasure to work with the YourFilm team. We were really happy with the end product and got great feedback on it.