TV Commercial

The Brief

Hippobags are a more cost-effective and easier alternative to traditional skip hire. Hippowaste, the company behind Hippobag, were planning their first ever TV advertising campaign with the aims of increasing brand awareness, and increasing sales.

Our Response

We needed to introduce the product to the audience, show them how simple it is to order and use, and the collection process. Simplicity was key to the creative planning, and in this instance we led with the audio. Working with Get Carter Productions we developed a plan which would be as effective on the ears as it would on the eyes, and then we created an animatic to show the client the ad in ‘rough draft’ form before we filmed anything. Our partners at Media Agency Group planned the campaign, targeting ABC1 males in select geographical areas.

The Results

The finished ad was executed perfectly to plan, and the client was delighted with the results. Web traffic to the Hippobag site rose by nearly 50% during the course of the campaign, and there was significant sales uplift across DIY stores, including an almost 30% increase at Wickes stores! The campaign was predicted to deliver up to 2 million views, but actually achieved almost 6 million. The client has re-booked the advert on TV twice since the original airing in Autumn 2015.