Frank’s the Flooring Store
'No!' to Crazy Discounts

The Brief

For their latest TV commercial Frank’s the Flooring Store were looking to do something fresh and bold. They wanted to make an immediate visual impact on the viewer and maintain their strong ‘anti-fake prices’ messaging, in reference to a problem which is endemic in their industry. 

Our Response

We pitched the concept of using time-lapsed illustrations which used simple, high-impact imagery to make our simple, high-impact points. We found that Volkswagen had created a beautiful commercial for their BlueMotion Polo, and we used it as a style reference. We storyboarded the individual illustrations, with flying pigs serving as our cheeky visual reference for the ‘unbelievable’ pricing advertised by their competitors. This point initiated an ongoing discussion with an initially skeptical Clearcast, but we convinced them of our facts in the end. The fact that the BBC reported news of an OFT investigation into this issue just days before the advert went on air didn’t hurt either!

The filming of the commercial took 13 hours (for a 40 sec commercial). The illustrator drew all of the pictures in sequence on a green screen background, which was keyed out in post-production to look like a desk. The commercial was created using After Effects to time remap all of the shots and stitch them together to create the illusion of one flowing movement across a long sheet of paper.  

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the finished product and the commercial brought praise from all corners. Only a few weeks after the commercial aired, a competitor mimicked the style in their own commercial - even copying the thumb-up at the end - leaving no doubt that it had ruffled some feathers!

We love the commercial. The message and the visual style are excellent. We extended the commercial's airtime on ITV Tyne Tees by over twice as long as originally intended.