Frank’s the Flooring Store
Our Carpet Story

The Brief 

Frank’s the Flooring Store is a long-time TV and radio advertiser, synonymous with the ‘Frank’ character and catchphrase. Challenging market conditions and a desire reach out to new customers (whilst still speaking to their core audience) however lead to us being asked to come up with something entirely new.

Our Response

A strongly established North East flooring retail brand, since launching in 1996, Frank’s have used the catchphrase “I love carpets me!” We kept the (in)famous phrase, and rethought everything else, creating a Frank’s the Flooring Store TV Commercial campaign called My Carpet Story. The idea was to use relatable characters to show how Frank’s range is affordable yet high-quality.

The Results

We delivered the first broadcast advertising ever used by Frank’s which didn’t feature the Frank character, helping to reposition the brand.

We really loved what the guys gave us, high quality commercials which we think help us stand out from the crowd, and really reflect where we want to take our brand.