Frank’s the Flooring Store 2015
3D Animated House- Artificial Grass

The Brief

After the success of the previous commercial, Frank’s the Flooring Store wanted to create a spring/ summer version of the ad, which went outside into the garden and showed the artificial grass that the stores now offer.

Our Response

Going back to the original animation project, our 3D animator set to work to create a more summery environment for the 3D house to sit in, as well as prefacing the look of the lush, green artificial grass.

The Results

The 3D animation was done in house, on schedule and on budget. The process ran very smoothly given that substantial renders were required to finalise the project. The client was delighted with the final product, and we were informed that the artificial grass was "flying from the stores".

We were very happy with the reworked commercial, the sunshine really gave a spring feel and helped really sell the artificial grass product. Very happy with YourFilm once again, will be in touch soon about the next ad!