Frank’s the Flooring Store 2014
3D Animated TV Commercial

The Brief

After the success of the previous commercial, utilising a time lapsed hand-drawn effect, Frank’s the Flooring Store wanted to push the envelope even further this time. Looking for a fresh approach, we looked for inspiration and racked our brains. We landed on the idea of using a pop-up book theme, whereby each page of the book would show a different room in the house having new flooring fitted. The commercial would be created completely in 3D, utilising some stills of models to insert as pop-up flat characters.

Our Response

Although Frank’s loved the idea, they pointed out that one of their competitors already used the idea of a book on their TV commercials, and therefore didn’t want to go down that road.

We were gutted. 
We were in love with the idea! They were in love with the idea.
We knew it was strong and that it would work for them. We had to tweak it. We had to make it work.

Eventually one of the team came up with the idea that instead of a book, the scene would start at a Frank’s store, with one of the staff checking the floor-plan of a customer’s house. The house would then rise from this floor-plan foundation and take the viewer on a fly through of new flooring being fitted.

The Results

The 3D animation was done in-house, on schedule and on budget! The process was very different to what the client is used to, as the animation required substantial rendering we could only provide low-res output previews during the production of it, with the final render being produced via a render farm. The client was delighted with the final outcome and the commercial has received plaudits from all corners. The quality of the commercial is on par with some significantly higher budget national TVCs that it runs alongside.

We loved the commercial right from the first low-res previews we saw. The final outcome is of a very high-standard and we're expecting a good response from it in our stores.