Eye Majic
Make-Up & Beauty Tips

The Brief

Eye Majic instant eye shadow is the world’s first complete eye shadow application that allows users to apply eye shadow without the all the fuss of brushes and powder pots. The product is very popular in Asia and Australia, and the makers were keen to break into the US & UK markets.
Working with EyeMajic’s UK PR representative and Make-Up artist Leanne Bennett, we were given the brief to create some self-help  guides which would demonstrate general make-up application tips that included their product.

Our Response

The main aim was to create helpful content that would be sought out and viewed organically by women looking for real make-up tips and advice. We aimed to create very high production value content, with some great tips and featuring some new products. The EyeMajic product itself was featured in each video, with the features and benefits being demonstrated, rather than hard-sold. 

The Results

The films have found an audience via YouTube, and although more work is needed to fully break the UK market, online sales in the UK have increased since the project started.