Dean Taxis
Football Fail!

The Brief

A long-time traditional advertiser – radio & Yellow Pages mainly – Dean Taxis decided to scale back spending on such avenues and channel some of the budget into TV instead. They gave us a simple brief: to make the word ‘Taxi’ synonymous with their phone number.

Our Response

We pitched a campaign of non-traditional [for taxi firms!] ads, all based around a simple theme: the lead character would try to show-off, fail, and have their blushes spared by being spirited away in a taxi. Based on the existing feature on Soccer A.M. “Taxi for…!” and the love in the North East region for football, we agreed to produce the ‘Football Fail’ ad first. Ideas for the rest of the campaign included a ‘first date’ scenario, and a holiday themed idea to tie in with the increase in airport-run business over the summer.

The Results

Dean reported terrific word of mouth from the ad, and it ran for several weeks in both 30-second and 10-second formats. It remained a viewer favourite on YouTube for over a year, eventually catching the eye of a producer working on “The Greatest Footie Ads Ever!” for ITV1, which we agreed to be featured in.