Co-Wheels Car Club
Use Cars in a Smarter Way

The Brief

Co-Wheels Car Club is a Social Enterprise who were looking to increase their national profile. Many of their competitors were already using video and basic animations to promote and explain their services. Co-Wheels approached us to create an upbeat and engaging 2D animation aimed at potential customers that promoted their service and explained the customer journey.

Our Response

Co-Wheels have a very nice website which contains lots of lovely illustrations which show different aspects of their service. We decided to utilise these pre-existing assets and create our animation using them. This keeps our animation on-brand whilst adding a completely new dimension to it. 

The Results

Co-Wheels were amazed at the first cut of the animation. In their initial feedback they explained that the quality of the animation far exceeded their expectations. The finished film has just been uploaded to the Co-Wheels YouTube channel so it's too early to gauge the results at this moment, but feedback has been very encouraging.

The guys at Your Film were fantastic from start to finish. They very quickly grasped what we as an organisation (Co-Wheels) were about and delivered exactly what we wanted - a short snappy animation explaining succinctly what we do. I would definately recommend YourFilm.