Blu Sky Accountants
Think Blu Sky

The Brief

Blu Sky Chartered Accountants are a forward-thinking accountancy firm in North East England. Their contemporary attitude to accountancy and focus on the things that really matter has proven a successful formula for them. They approached YourFilm looking to create a short promotional film for their website that reflected their key selling points whilst maintaining their non-corporate brand. 

Our Response

We recommended shooting green screen interviews with the Blu Sky team, giving each of them a key selling point of the business to talk about. We wanted to show the real people in the business and get natural, non-salesy soundbites for the film. We prompted them for natural responses regarding the business and got some great snippets for the film. We used the Blu Sky accountants brand blue as the background, which is a really striking colour and gives the videos a fresh contemporary feel. We also used the Blu Sky bubble logo assets to create text-plates that pop-up to hit viewers with those key selling points. The music selection is also fitting to the non-corporate feel of the brand. 

The Results

The film was met with delight from the client, who told us we'd nailed it in the first cut. They also said they'd put the music we used onto their iPod!

YourFilm took time to understand the needs and values of our company then built a promotional YouTube video around this. The shoot was fun but professional. The final product has had rave reviews from clients, perspective clients and competitors! They captured perfectly the feel of our brand, and have delivered some very powerful marketing tools for us. Highly satisfied.