8 Warning Signs of a Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

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Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

I hate seeing rubbish video production work that some poor sucker has paid good money for to some rubbish corporate video production company.

And yes I’m biased, but in my defence I’ve been in the corporate video production game for a long time, hence I’ve made some of the mistakes that annoy me now.

As a professional it pains me to see people paying big money to video production freelancers and companies that is not good value. I also write this defending my profession as a corporate video producer, an oft-sneered-at niche of video production. This is a great field to work in, with an ever-increasing demand. We are proud to be one of the corporate video production companies out there doing great work for our clients.

So here are some warning signs that you’re talking to a rubbish video production company… Read more »

Dude, where’s my Star Wipe?

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Premiere CS6 does not have a default star wipe transition.

I’ll just give you a moment to consider that. 

I discovered this when working on an internal video for Mediaworks. They commissioned us to create a video to screen at their Christmas party, which showed a brief history of the company from inception to present day, but basically taking the mick out of their staff all the way through! We staged interviews and led the staff’s answers, dubbed the real questions out and added in new ones that made them look as daft as possible. We also created South Park style animations, crudely photoshopped peoples faces to cartoon bodies and more.
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2012: A Year in the Life of YourFilm

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It’s been a great year for YourFilm, we’ve worked with a host of new clients, delivered new projects for existing ones, seen our work on TV, had it exhibited around the world, filmed in the USA, won an award, moved offices, and added to the ranks (see October).

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of our year in video production…

JANUARY We shot a new campaign for Frank’s the Flooring Store, the first time since the brand launched that they’d done TV without the famous voice of Frank. They asked us to come up with something fresh, relevant and stylish. This is what we delivered.

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The Evolution and Revolution of Non-Linear Editing Software

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Non-Linear Editing Software

I went to The University of Cumbria with grand aspirations of becoming a director. Why couldn’t I do it? I had plenty of ideas bubbling around in my head. I like to be involved and like most people I enjoy the plaudits of a successful project coming my way. Unfortunately I soon realized ninety percent of my classmates seemed to have the same aspirations as myself.

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Why your Startup Business can benefit from Web Video

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Why your Startup Business can benefit from Web Video
  • Do you know that “500 years of YouTube video” are watched on Facebook every single day?
  • 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

These amazing YouTube stats were released by [owners] Google in August 2012, reflecting just how ridiculously popular video is on the web and indeed, chart a continuing upward trend. Read more »

How much does corporate video production cost?

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How much does a corporate video cost
The following article was created, in part, from information gathered from Jimm Fox’s blog.
Jimm is the President of One Market Media, a Toronto Video Production Firm.

“How much does corporate video production cost?”

Good question.

“We only need a ballpark figure at this stage.”

Of course you do. When I need a quote I also want the information fast, with minimal fuss and without feeling obligated to go with the supplier because they put a load of work into the quotation doc. However, in the old video production game even to give you a ‘rough ballpark’ on costs we need to pin down a few details. We absolutely need to, let me tell you why…

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WatchStander Anti-Piracy System

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The WatchStander anti-piracy system prototype

When people find out what I do for a living, they often remark that it must be “really exciting!” Truth is, in my day to day role, the excitement usually comes from nailing a proposal and/or getting a green-light on a project, the type of excitement they are referring to is largely the domain of Kevin and the rest of our – excellent! – team.

Recently though, I got my day in the sun. Literally.

Our anti-piracy film for Save Our Seafarers has won us praise, some awards, and enquiries over the past year or so, but one of the most interesting developments came recently, when we were asked to film the onwater trials for a new anti-piracy system called WatchStander.
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Somali Piracy Film

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Screen shot 2012-09-20 at 14.28.46 Lots of people comment and ask us about our Pirate Film / Somali Piracy Film / SOS Campaign film
The film itself can be viewed here. It is a marketing tool for the Save our Seafarers campaign, whose purpose is to increase public awareness of the Somali piracy problem and increase pressure on Governments to take action. This is a retrospective on the YourFilm ‘Save our Seafarers’ film production process:

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