Our Top 5 Adobe After Effects scripts and plugins

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After Effects CS6

Our Top 5 Adobe After Effects scripts and plugins

Adobe After Effects is a great and very versatile piece of software. Its applications are huge, and for that reason there’s a huge amount of user generated code that’s been created in the form of scripts and plugins to increase efficiency, workflow or create automations. 

These are not included with the software out of the box and must be downloaded and installed separately (Prices range from free- expensive!) which is why we thought we’d share some of our favourites. Read more »

YourFilm’s 9th Birthday

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YourFilm 9

This month, YourFilm turned 9!

From humble beginnings in 2005, working in a home office with a £5000 start-up loan from the Prince’s Trust burning a hole in our pocket… We wanted to share a brief history of YourFilm.

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Corporate Video Production: The Game Has Changed

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Humble beginnings...

One day back in early 2005, when Kevin and I were taking meetings with potential clients prior to launching ourselves into the world of corporate video production with YourFilm, we found ourselves being cut short by a marketing manager who said: 

“Can I just ask – you’ve mentioned video a lot, but instead of a video, is it possible we could have the finished film on a DVD?”

It took me by surprise. Of course we were talking about DVD. VHS was long-since dead, and it simply never occurred to me that anyone would assume we’d deliver our corporate videos, on, well, VIDEO.

This meeting took place sometime around March 2005, and although we didn’t know it at the time, the world had changed roughly a month beforehand. Read more »

3 Reasons Why Your Startup or Business can Benefit from Web Video

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3 Reasons why your startup business can benefit from web video

You’re launching a new business. Money is tight, but your product is great. How do you penetrate your target market?

Web video has changed the game. Startups, websites, apps and businesses communicate through video with web users online, and web video continues to grow as the most popular digital tool for marketing. YouTube is Americas (and the rest of the worlds) 2nd biggest search engine [www.reelseo.com], with Google reporting that the global audience are watching 6 BILLION HOURS of video on YouTube PER MONTH… and rising!

Remember that pre-2000AD businesses perceived company websites as an expensive luxury!

Now they are a necessity. Zero digital presence is not an option.  

Web video is currently deemed an expensive luxury by some… 
Will you join the early adopters or wait until the competition show you the way? Let me explain some key reasons why web video should be seriously considered…
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YourFilm 8th Birthday

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YourFilm 8 years

Hello. How has 2013 been for you? It’s been fun for us, with a great variety of projects to work on and some exciting new client names added to our roster. In short: we’ve been busy. So busy in fact, that we *almost* let the entire month of April go by without acknowledging that it marks the YourFilm 8th birthday. 

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