5 Tips for being interviewed on video

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Video interview Over the last 10 years I’ve lost count on how many Interviews I have filmed. Interviews are the back bone of many corporate video projects for getting inside information, facts and experiences straight from the horse’s mouth. Not everyone is comfortable being put in front of camera however, and even those that are still make common mistakes. So here are my top five tips you should keep in mind going into a video interview. Read more »

Introduction to TV advertising – Part One: Clearance

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At YourFilm, we produce TV adverts for clients big and small, for local, regional and national campaigns. Whatever the client, whatever the product or service we’re helping to sell, the process is essentially the same, in part due to the fairly strict rules and regulations associated with TV advertising.

We often work with clients who are new to TV, and that coupled with the relative freedom which applies to online videos and even radio adverts means that we are often helping our clients understand the process and the regulations behind it – and how they differ to what they may be used to – whilst we work on the creative production of the advert.

So, we felt it might be helpful to publish a couple of blog posts which look at the processes and timescales involved, as well as the different types of creative styles we work in, as something of an ‘Introduction to TV advertising.’ Read more »

Our Top 5 Adobe After Effects scripts and plugins

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After Effects CS6

Our Top 5 Adobe After Effects scripts and plugins

Adobe After Effects is a great and very versatile piece of software. Its applications are huge, and for that reason there’s a huge amount of user generated code that’s been created in the form of scripts and plugins to increase efficiency, workflow or create automations. 

These are not included with the software out of the box and must be downloaded and installed separately (Prices range from free- expensive!) which is why we thought we’d share some of our favourites. Read more »

3 Reasons Why Your Startup or Business can Benefit from Web Video

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3 Reasons why your startup business can benefit from web video

You’re launching a new business. Money is tight, but your product is great. How do you penetrate your target market?

Web video has changed the game. Startups, websites, apps and businesses communicate through video with web users online, and web video continues to grow as the most popular digital tool for marketing. YouTube is Americas (and the rest of the worlds) 2nd biggest search engine [www.reelseo.com], with Google reporting that the global audience are watching 6 BILLION HOURS of video on YouTube PER MONTH… and rising!

Remember that pre-2000AD businesses perceived company websites as an expensive luxury!

Now they are a necessity. Zero digital presence is not an option.  

Web video is currently deemed an expensive luxury by some… 
Will you join the early adopters or wait until the competition show you the way? Let me explain some key reasons why web video should be seriously considered…
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8 Warning Signs of a Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

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Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

I hate seeing rubbish video production work that some poor sucker has paid good money for to some rubbish corporate video production company.

And yes I’m biased, but in my defence I’ve been in the corporate video production game for a long time, hence I’ve made some of the mistakes that annoy me now.

As a professional it pains me to see people paying big money to video production freelancers and companies that is not good value. I also write this defending my profession as a corporate video producer, an oft-sneered-at niche of video production. This is a great field to work in, with an ever-increasing demand. We are proud to be one of the corporate video production companies out there doing great work for our clients.

So here are some warning signs that you’re talking to a rubbish video production company… Read more »

Dude, where’s my Star Wipe?

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Premiere CS6 does not have a default star wipe transition.

I’ll just give you a moment to consider that. 

I discovered this when working on an internal video for Mediaworks. They commissioned us to create a video to screen at their Christmas party, which showed a brief history of the company from inception to present day, but basically taking the mick out of their staff all the way through! We staged interviews and led the staff’s answers, dubbed the real questions out and added in new ones that made them look as daft as possible. We also created South Park style animations, crudely photoshopped peoples faces to cartoon bodies and more.
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The Evolution and Revolution of Non-Linear Editing Software

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Non-Linear Editing Software

I went to The University of Cumbria with grand aspirations of becoming a director. Why couldn’t I do it? I had plenty of ideas bubbling around in my head. I like to be involved and like most people I enjoy the plaudits of a successful project coming my way. Unfortunately I soon realized ninety percent of my classmates seemed to have the same aspirations as myself.

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