Corporate Video Production: The Game Has Changed

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Humble beginnings...

One day back in early 2005, when Kevin and I were taking meetings with potential clients prior to launching ourselves into the world of corporate video production with YourFilm, we found ourselves being cut short by a marketing manager who said: 

“Can I just ask – you’ve mentioned video a lot, but instead of a video, is it possible we could have the finished film on a DVD?”

It took me by surprise. Of course we were talking about DVD. VHS was long-since dead, and it simply never occurred to me that anyone would assume we’d deliver our corporate videos, on, well, VIDEO.

This meeting took place sometime around March 2005, and although we didn’t know it at the time, the world had changed roughly a month beforehand. Read more »

YourFilm 8th Birthday

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YourFilm 8 years

Hello. How has 2013 been for you? It’s been fun for us, with a great variety of projects to work on and some exciting new client names added to our roster. In short: we’ve been busy. So busy in fact, that we *almost* let the entire month of April go by without acknowledging that it marks the YourFilm 8th birthday. 

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2012: A Year in the Life of YourFilm

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It’s been a great year for YourFilm, we’ve worked with a host of new clients, delivered new projects for existing ones, seen our work on TV, had it exhibited around the world, filmed in the USA, won an award, moved offices, and added to the ranks (see October).

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of our year in video production…

JANUARY We shot a new campaign for Frank’s the Flooring Store, the first time since the brand launched that they’d done TV without the famous voice of Frank. They asked us to come up with something fresh, relevant and stylish. This is what we delivered.

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WatchStander Anti-Piracy System

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The WatchStander anti-piracy system prototype

When people find out what I do for a living, they often remark that it must be “really exciting!” Truth is, in my day to day role, the excitement usually comes from nailing a proposal and/or getting a green-light on a project, the type of excitement they are referring to is largely the domain of Kevin and the rest of our – excellent! – team.

Recently though, I got my day in the sun. Literally.

Our anti-piracy film for Save Our Seafarers has won us praise, some awards, and enquiries over the past year or so, but one of the most interesting developments came recently, when we were asked to film the onwater trials for a new anti-piracy system called WatchStander.
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Online video drives traffic & conversion

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“Will producing a corporate video get me the the return on investment I need?”
“Yes, because online video drives traffic & conversion.”

Return on investment can be a difficult beast. For instance, if you put ads in a newspaper, how do you measure the business you get from them? There are some basic ways of course – you can use a unique URL in the copy for example – but what about Customer X, who sees your ad in the Metro newspaper on his way to work each morning and never uses the URL? Then, one day, months later, he needs your product or service, remembers your name because of the newspaper ads, and Googles you?

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