YourFilm Arcade machine

YourFilm- Insert Coin to Continue…

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller

Time flies. Business is good, and we’re creating some great work. At YourFilm, we have a great team- and I mean a really great team. The team ethic, skill sets and drive to push ourselves forward mixed with the fact we have great fun in the office makes every working day enjoyable.

As part of our current growth we’re looking at adding to our team in the new year. In preparation we’re moving into a larger office space in the Northern Design Centre in December. Now this in it’s own right is exciting, however the extra space naturally got us thinking about how to improve and enrich our working environment. 

  • Something fun.
  • Something that would allow us a quick break. 
  • Something the team could enjoy together. 

An arcade machine! Read more »

3 Reasons why your startup business can benefit from web video

3 Reasons Why Your Startup or Business can Benefit from Web Video

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You’re launching a new business. Money is tight, but your product is great. How do you penetrate your target market?

Web video has changed the game. Startups, websites, apps and businesses communicate through video with web users online, and web video continues to grow as the most popular digital tool for marketing. YouTube is Americas (and the rest of the worlds) 2nd biggest search engine [], with Google reporting that the global audience are watching 6 BILLION HOURS of video on YouTube PER MONTH… and rising!

Remember that pre-2000AD businesses perceived company websites as an expensive luxury!

Now they are a necessity. Zero digital presence is not an option.  

Web video is currently deemed an expensive luxury by some… 
Will you join the early adopters or wait until the competition show you the way? Let me explain some key reasons why web video should be seriously considered…
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Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

8 Warning Signs of a Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

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I hate seeing rubbish video production work that some poor sucker has paid good money for to some rubbish corporate video production company.

And yes I’m biased, but in my defence I’ve been in the corporate video production game for a long time, hence I’ve made some of the mistakes that annoy me now.

As a professional it pains me to see people paying big money to video production freelancers and companies that is not good value. I also write this defending my profession as a corporate video producer, an oft-sneered-at niche of video production. This is a great field to work in, with an ever-increasing demand. We are proud to be one of the corporate video production companies out there doing great work for our clients.

So here are some warning signs that you’re talking to a rubbish video production company… Read more »

Why your Startup Business can benefit from Web Video

Why your Startup Business can benefit from Web Video

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  • Do you know that “500 years of YouTube video” are watched on Facebook every single day?
  • 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

These amazing YouTube stats were released by [owners] Google in August 2012, reflecting just how ridiculously popular video is on the web and indeed, chart a continuing upward trend. Read more »