YourFilm- First update of 2014

Posted on February 19th, 2014 by · Filed under News & Updates

YourFilm office

It’s been too long since our previous blog post. For this, we throw ourselves at your mercy and beg for forgiveness!

The reason for our online silence is simple really, we’ve been busy. Very busy.

In 2014 our business has grown, no two ways about it.

Our team has expanded.

Our skills base has expanded (we now offer in-house storyboarding, 2D and 3D animation.)

We’re working on higher budget productions.

We’re running at capacity and really pushing ourselves to create better work and get better returns for our clients. We’re expecting to expand our creative team again very soon.

We’re loving it.

Our clients are happier than ever, so we’re happier than ever.

Whilst we’re not under any illusions that people out there are sitting waiting to read our blog every month or so, we do intend to post more stuff on here that will look deeper into the pre-production work, creative and style reference processes different members of our team go through. So expect to see posts from Ben, Lauren and Gav soon.

We’re looking forward to doing some awesome work in 2014.

So for now… back to work!