3 Reasons Why Your Startup or Business can Benefit from Web Video

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3 Reasons why your startup business can benefit from web video

You’re launching a new business. Money is tight, but your product is great. How do you penetrate your target market?

Web video has changed the game. Startups, websites, apps and businesses communicate through video with web users online, and web video continues to grow as the most popular digital tool for marketing. YouTube is Americas (and the rest of the worlds) 2nd biggest search engine [www.reelseo.com], with Google reporting that the global audience are watching 6 BILLION HOURS of video on YouTube PER MONTH… and rising!

Remember that pre-2000AD businesses perceived company websites as an expensive luxury!

Now they are a necessity. Zero digital presence is not an option.  

Web video is currently deemed an expensive luxury by some… 
Will you join the early adopters or wait until the competition show you the way? Let me explain some key reasons why web video should be seriously considered…
 3 reasons why your startup or business can benefit from web video:

Reason 1– You need your new product or service to stand out. As well as a unique selling point you need to create a buzz about your startup. In a saturated market, standing out from the crowd could be the difference between success and failure. I might believe that your product is great, but you need to communicate that to your target market in the most effective way possible. Web video will communicate this message in an exciting way AND find potential customers organically through search engines. 

Reason 2 – Attention spans are short. Even if a web user finds your website, they want to know your features and benefits FAST. If you have short, snappy Web video that delivers these key messages then web users will love you for it.
According to the BIA Kelsey Group, viewers engage more after watching a video, with clicks for more information increasing by 30-40% and phone inquiries by 16-20%

Reason 3 – Statistics show that web video improves online visibility and drives more action online than plain images and text. [Check out a web video we produced for Mobicart & Zooz– which generated over 15,000 views in under 6 months]  

Web video not only increases the chances of a sales conversion, it can actually drive traffic to your website, product and service. We advise all of our clients to upload their video to YouTube [and embed the YouTube  video to their website) – with the right title, description and tags your video will soon be indexed by Google and generating views completely independent of your website and actually proactively generating hits to it!

So in conclusion, even if money is tight, your marketing budget should aim to cover creating a Web video. Speak to us about costs NOW…