8 Warning Signs of a Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

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Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company

I hate seeing rubbish video production work that some poor sucker has paid good money for to some rubbish corporate video production company.

And yes I’m biased, but in my defence I’ve been in the corporate video production game for a long time, hence I’ve made some of the mistakes that annoy me now.

As a professional it pains me to see people paying big money to video production freelancers and companies that is not good value. I also write this defending my profession as a corporate video producer, an oft-sneered-at niche of video production. This is a great field to work in, with an ever-increasing demand. We are proud to be one of the corporate video production companies out there doing great work for our clients.

So here are some warning signs that you’re talking to a rubbish video production company…

NUMBER 1: They say “We do a bit of everything – websites, PR, SEO, graphic design, print, advertising, plumbing*, … and video.”
*=Artistic licence applied to help make my point. 
Every market has its generalists. Often companies like this are merely offering video because they’ve been asked about it so often, want the money for it and ‘one of the guys’ has a camera and some editing software. It may seem easy to go with a company like this, you trust them, they already to work for you. You know them. It’s comfortable. You know their guy Bob… he’s good on computers, I’m sure he can do a decent job making a video…

I’d suggest asking for examples of work.

My guess is that their work is not to the standard of a specialist, and also that their skills in other areas don’t translate to the video production process.

We are focused on one thing: making creative corporate videos that give our clients their return on investment. 

NUMBER 2: They say: “We’re cheap.”
Not good value. Just… cheap. 

OK so you may have a restricted budget, but please don’t make the mistake of going with the cheapest quote just because it is the cheapest quote. It most cases it’s false economy.

We don’t claim to be cheap. We simply claim to be good value. 

NUMBER 3: They don’t talk to you about intended end-use e.g.
Where will it be seen? Who are the target audience? Which digital platforms will it be on? What’s the social media strategy? How will it get views? Who will watch it? What is your web strategy?
What type of brief do they want from you? Did they ask you about target audience, end-use platforms, and strategy? Are they assisting with delivery to social media platforms?

Video lives on the web. The vast majority of corporate video today is being delivered either exclusively or predominantly for the web. Creating video for the web is not the same as creating video for broadcast… or for entertainment… or for presentation at an event… Viewing behaviors are very different online. You also have to consider delivery platforms, hosting options, interactivity, conversion techniques, social media aspects of your video and many other factors that are unique to the web.

We discuss the end-use with all of our clients when creating the initial brief. In most cases, we assist them in the process of getting the video onto the various digital platforms needed, and with  web optimization.

NUMBER 4. They say: “We specialize in feature films, music videos, shorts, wedding videos and corporate videos”
OK so at least these guys have narrowed their expertise down to one industry. In truth, very few people go into video because they want to make corporate videos. Becoming a Feature Film Director or making TV shows is usually the goal. Doing corporate work is just what pays the bills until they get there. While there are some companies that do all of the above very well, unless your video production company is working under the direction of an ad agency or marketing firm, or they specialize in marketing video, you shouldn’t be surprised if your video fails to get the ROI you wanted.

Again, we specialize in creating creative corporate videos that get return on investment for our clients.

NUMBER 5: They don’t have any/ many samples of work available.
Hopefully that speaks for itself. 

(We have loads, you can view them here.)

NUMBER 6: They don’t ask what the intended business results or the return on investment needed from the video is.
So how will they ever know if the work is a success? Without a basic understanding of what the video must do, they’re shooting in the dark. Do they have your needs at heart? Creative corporate work is wonderful, IF it serves a business objective. If it doesn’t, you’ve wasted your money.

In all of our productions this is where we start.

NUMBER 7: “We make virals.”
No they don’t. This is an empty promise.

NUMBER 8: “We use cutting-edge equipment…”

Considering that video technology (hardware, software, delivery systems) is changing literally every month it’s hard to imagine anyone saying this and it being true for very long.

The other more important point is that this type of statement is an indication that this video production company is focusing on the wrong thing.

There are plenty of video production companies out there who tout their kit as the key benefit to your corporate video. The 
truth is, it’s horses for courses. 

The technological advancement in film and video is breathtaking and has opened up greater possibilities for less money. With this great power, comes great responsibility. Lovely shots don’t guarantee lovely returns.

Bottom Line: we use the right tools for the job, and we’d make it clear what you were getting for your money, because we are not a Rubbish Corporate Video Production Company.

Kevin Owens is the Creative Director of YourFilm, who are not a rubbish corporate video production company. Feel the love here