YourFilm video production process- how we work, and why

Posted on September 7th, 2012 by · Filed under Video Production articles

YourFilm Team meeting

One of the most common questions we’re asked by new clients is “I’ve never made a film before, how does this work?”. We’ve developed & refined our working process over the years, and I thought it was worth sharing the YourFilm video production process- how we work, and why, right here in our blog.

After you give the go-ahead and sign our Terms of Service Agreement we will invoice you for a deposit. Usually this is 50% of the project total.

We will then schedule a project meeting [sometimes a phone-call] which results in a production plan being drawn up, including a filming schedule. This is an opportune time to agree on what pre-existing materials you can supply us with, who will be participating in the film, who the primary point(s) of contact will be on both sides, and what the milestones will be for delivering first edits.

Once the production plan is signed off, we’ll move into production. We will liaise with yourselves and your clients (where applicable) to schedule filming dates.

When the time comes to deliver first cuts, these will include any music and sound effects, and be as close to the finished version as we feel we can get before your feedback is essential. We collect your feedback via our Edit Feedback form, a 13-point list which asks your opinions on all of the key elements of the film.

We have a pretty good strike rate, usually our first cut results in some changes, and the second cut is the one which gets signed off as the final version. If additional amendments are needed though, we go around this loop again.

Once everything is signed off we ask for final payment on delivery. We then send you our Service Questionnaire, which is your opportunity to officially feedback on the entire process, praise us where appropriate, or suggest improvements.

This process works because it has been moulded around our core aim to deliver return on investment for your project. All of the things which can de-rail a project have been accounted for, and both we as the service provider and you as the client have protections built-in via the project milestones.

We want to create something eye-catching, informative, exciting, educational, memorable, shareable… whatever combination best suits your stated needs. We know that your time and money are precious resources, and we want you to feel that both have been invested wisely.

Give us a call, let’s make something together!