Introduction to TV advertising – Part One: Clearance

Posted on August 3rd, 2016 by · Filed under Video Production articles


At YourFilm, we produce TV adverts for clients big and small, for local, regional and national campaigns. Whatever the client, whatever the product or service we’re helping to sell, the process is essentially the same, in part due to the fairly strict rules and regulations associated with TV advertising.

We often work with clients who are new to TV, and that coupled with the relative freedom which applies to online videos and even radio adverts means that we are often helping our clients understand the process and the regulations behind it – and how they differ to what they may be used to – whilst we work on the creative production of the advert.

So, we felt it might be helpful to publish a couple of blog posts which look at the processes and timescales involved, as well as the different types of creative styles we work in, as something of an ‘Introduction to TV advertising.’ Read the rest of this entry…